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Most Frequent Questions

The subject of physics requires a lot of practice and knowledge. Most Coachings have great Physics Professors, but they skip essential concepts due to syllabus burden and test targets. But here, we teach the most basic concepts, and later on, students are well-versed with the concepts which require those vital most basic concepts.

Your best tool for improving your performance is self-study. Vikas Sir's lectures can benefit those who have lost a lot of time and need dedicated hand-holding. You know those excellent training sessions are for life.

The Vikas Sir offline lectures start every year in the first week of April. But it is recommended to enroll in your batch slot due to the high volume of admissions.

Definitely! You can cancel your course enrollment within five days of the course beginning if you do not like it. You don't have to pay if you don't like the course. You can email us at & We'll cancel and refund your money within hours.

Yes, this is possible. You can get coaching for another subject by online mode, which is not highly affordable.

For Class 11th and similarly for Class 12th, 4 batches start at 1.30 pm every week.

Like adding bricks to a house one by one, physics requires understanding concepts from 0-100. It is impossible to reach the target if the path is missing a single digit. MCQs usually require knowledge of several topics at the same time. Teaching by Vikas sir involves the concepts interlinking in every chapter.

Yes! You can take Offline classes or online classes at your comfort level.

You will learn Unit & Measurement, Complete Mechanics, Gravitation, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Complete Heat Unit, Oscillations, Waves, Electrostatics-1 (Field Concept), Electrostatics-2 (Potential Concept), Current Electricity, Magnetism - 1 & 2, EMI, AC, EMW, Optics-Ray + Waves, Modern Physics including Semiconductors and Communication system.

Yes, there is an offer on enrolment fees; you can avail yourself up to 9% of enrolment fees.


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