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About Us

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We are offering Online & Offline Physics Courses for 9th-12th grade students. Students are taught physical concepts through visuals and stories explained by expert instructors. Each student's requirements are addressed so that sessions are engaging and interactive.

  • Structured classes that emphasize learning, practicing, and revising

  • A learning system for assisting students after class

  • Tests and discussion on the full syllabus every month

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Core Features

Meeting all your academic needs


Personalized learning paths

Depending on each student's learning needs and pace, they will have their own personalized learning paths.


Unlimited revisions and practice

Students can practice with unlimited quizzes and tests in the students portal after reviewing topics multiple times.


Personal knowledge graph

Students are able to identify their strengths and areas for improvement through their own personal knowledge graph.


What do our students say about us

The way Vikas sir teaches is the most unique of all. The practical life-based examples, the knowledge, the way he makes things easy is to learn .. are just a few of his abilities...Also, no one can do the analysis of all previous year’s question papers like Vikas Sharma. In Teaching Physics he's surely the best I have seen.


Patel Bhagya Shailesh Kumar


Sir is like the king of physics. Because of him, I got confidence in physics. He is truly amazing and he motivated us throughout my neet journey that boost my confidence.


Champaneria Aditi Vishalkumar


The classes are very interesting. The entire focus is on building the base and the key concepts. There isn't any better physics faculty than him. His way of teaching is fun and thought-provoking.


Bhanushree Soni


Vikas sir's way of teaching Physics and its Fundas, Short cuts for certain formulas are my personal favorite. The energy he brings during lectures is phenomenal.


Yogesh Dhameliya


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